Our Evaluation Services

We offer a real estate appraisal/evaluation service to determine the fair market value (FMV) of your property for the following purposes:


Acquisition and Sale 

You wish to acquire, sell or transform a real estate property? It is important to know the FMV of your property in the case of a purchase or sale since this transaction may be the most important of your life. The FMV is the most probable and fair price of the actual or presumed sale of a property on a given date in an open and competitive market where the buyer and seller are reasonably informed of market conditions.

Mortgage Financing

Do you need to negotiate mortgage financing following a property acquisition? We are the reference since we are accredited in banks, Desjardins caisses, Gewoth, CMHC and Canada Guaranty. Please note that you must inquire at your institution before making an appointment with us.


We have the expertise to establish the FMV for various tax purposes such as the transfer of real estate assets during a tax restructuring or a change in the use of a residence (primary vs. secondary).

In addition, we have the expertise to be able to give you the market value of your property at a later date.


Renovation and Construction 

Do you have any ideas for the size of your property? Or do you dream of building your dream home with the help of a contractor or by yourself? Well, it is important to know the FMV of your project before you even start a hammer stroke! We have the expertise and experience to establish the potential market value for this type of situation, whether for new construction, renovation or expansion work.


Share of Family Estate 

Do you have to settle the real estate aspects of a succession, divorce or dissolution of a company? It is in your interest to use a qualified professional to obtain market value objectively to avoid a conflict situation.

You can use our appraisal reports when financing a mortgage as they are accredited by financial institutions.  Please note that you must inquire at your institution before making an appointment with us.


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